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About Saint George Hospital Medical Center

Saint George Hospital University Medical Center is a non-profit community hospital in Lebanon owned by the Orthodox Church of Beirut. One of three major Lebanese hospitals that offer modern comprehensive health care services, Saint George Hospital is testament to all that can be achieved through commitment and a determination to serve those most in need.


Saint George Hospital was founded in 1878 by community leaders who established a philanthropic society to care for the poor. Mr. Panayot Fakhoury, a member of the Orthodox community, donated two rooms in his house in Gemayze to be used as a clinic and in-patient facility. In 1880, 416 patients were treated and 18 were hospitalized. As the number of patients grew, a six-room hospital was constructed in 1883. The medical staff consisted of six doctors, three of whom were American citizens, headed by Dr. Cornelius Van Dyke, founder of the American University of Beirut School of Medicine. In 1908, the Orthodox Church and the philanthropic society funded a new 90-bed hospital that was completed in 1913; which was replaced in 1966 with a 275-bed hospital.

Work began in 1988 on a new hospital wing, which was completed in 2005. The Hospital houses a level one trauma care center, a children’s hospital, patient rooms, outpatient clinics, day surgery, an emergency room, and surgical suites, and encompasses 305 beds and 400 physicians and residents. It also serves as the clinical training facility for the University of Balamand School of Medicine. The original wing is under renovation to increase the hospital’s capacity to 380 beds, further establishing Saint George Hospital as a state-of-the-art medical center.


Saint George Hospital gives hope to the sick and needy; it is a beacon of hope in times of hardship, pain and suffering. In 2015, the Hospital treated over 22,000 inpatients and 140,000 outpatients, and spent over 20% of its annual budget to help patients in need. Currently, Lebanese government welfare programs and hospital contributions benefit 60% of in-patients.

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